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Hey all the pretty ladies!
Mehendi is a memorable day for all our brides , like they say: it starts to feel real as soon as you get mehendi on your hands. 

So are you ready for your henna night? Here are some tips to be prepared.


*Before puting on mehndi*

1) Wash your hands properly

2) No lotion/vaseline should be there as it creates a barrier between the henna and skin.Organic henna gets darker in 48-72 hours. Don’t stress out!

Those bridal feels and special designs play a big role for your wedding week, that even stays after the wedding week is over. We love to add your special dates, your favourite potraits, buildings, destinations and your love stories in your henna.But what comes after that?

AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS!! Yes it’s really important. Being an henna artist who started practicing at the age of 7, I’ve spent lots of time figuring out what works the best for our brides. And today we would be sharing some of the henna secrets with you all of our future brides.

Do’s and Don’t’s for bridal mehendi:


:•To get the best results for your wedding day, it is suggested to apply mehendi at least 24 to 48 hours before it.
•Keep the mehendi on your hand for minimum 8-10 hours and maximum for 12 hours. Overnight works the best for our brides
•You can take ‘clove steam’ to get that rich and dark colour. All you have to do is to warm a few cloves in a pan and run your hands over the smoke. But remember, as soon as the steam starts hurting, just pull your hands back.
•Heat is important!! Once you take it off..apply vicks on your henna stain(heat makes henna darker)

• After your mehendi dries a bit, dab a mixture of lemon juice and sugar on it with a paper towel. (Cotton tends to stick on mehndi)
•If you need to cover it with something, cover your hands with any paper tape/bandage or any other similar thing, while going to sleep.


:•Never use plastic material to cover your hands. Your hands will be sweaty and the color of design will spread.
• Do not use water. Use the dull side of a butter knife or your hands to remove the dryhenna paste. Avoid using any petroleum products such as baby oil or Vaseline as they will contribute to the demise of your stain. 
•Please don’t take it off within 3-4 hrs. In the past we have seen brides have not achieved the desired result. Only instant/chemical henna can give you stain right away. Natural henna takes time to get darker.
•If you take shower, please wear gloves to cover it. Avoid water for 48 hrs at least so that the stain can develop darkest.
•Do not shave or wax your arms and legs after applying mehendi. It will scrape off the upper layer of your skin, and the mehendi design will look faded.
• Do not overuse the lemon and sugar solution, as it may dilute the mehendi paste and spoil the design.

Most importantly!

It is highly recommend to book you henna artist atleast 2-3 days prior to your big day. Organic stain takes 48-72 hours to fully develop. Remember!! You want your henna to look super dark in those bollywood mehndi shots!

And yes, always ask your artist for trial and make sure their henna doesn’t react on your skin and they use organic products! 

All the best to all my future brides. For more questions, send us a dm anytime: @yeghenna and would love to answer any questions y’all beautiful ladies have! Good luck 


Owner/Henna artist
YEG henna
Edmonton, AB

Text: 780-707-4282

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