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best wedding photographer in edmonton
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March 5, 2018
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best wedding photographer in edmonton

Four tips for brides to look beautiful on the big day (Bridal Guide )

Wedding photographs are the most important things for the bride on her big day. For most of the brides, the wedding day is the first professional shoot. However, I would suggest having an engagement session before. A few quick tricks can make the photographs look beautiful.

 1. Get an engagement shoot done 

I always encourage the couple to have an engagement shoot. It serves few purposes. One of the most important ones is to have the engagement session with the same photographer. Meet and talk to the photographer about your expectations. In that way, the photographer knows exactly what to shoot or at least would have a better idea about your vision.  This would really help you to be comfortable with the photographer for your big day.

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(Engagement Session at Lake Louise, Alberta, one of the best places to be photographed for sure! :))

 2. Get Candid during the shoot

 Candid pictures are the best ones. So, try not to take too many pictures looking at the camera. It is OK to have formal pictures with the whole family. But when only two of you are getting shot, just hug each other, feel comfortable, cuddle each other and let the photographer catch the beautiful moments.


(Edmonton, Alberta Engagement photography during beautiful winter)

 3. Smile a lot

Smile more throughout the shoot; try to smile as much as possible.  This is your wedding, you have spent days and nights organizing tor the day. Now you can take a deep breath and relax. There is nothing wonderful than having photographed where you look happy. Feel love for each other.


 4. Have fun during the shoot

Enjoy the day and try to have fun as much as you can. Every couple has their own imagination of photography. Some couple loves romantic photographs and some loves fun and witty. So whatever you like, just have fun, be playful and let the photographer catch the moment.

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(Edmonton, Alberta Fall Wedding Photography)

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