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December 12, 2018
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So let me guess? You are in the fence of hiring a photographer and you are told by friends or other photographers that you should do an engagement session. why should we take engagement photos?

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Here are few reasons you need to consider an engagement shoot.

  • You’ll get to know your photographer

One of the fundamental reasons why taking engagement photos is absolutely worth it, is because you will get to meet your wedding photographer and build a trustworthy bond with them. On the wedding day, your photographer will be with you for so many hours, so having someone you feel comfy around is a huge benefit. They’ll take note of how you interact with each other and your individual personalities. These details will help them capture moments on the wedding day that are exceptional to just the two of you.

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  • Practice makes perfect

A lot of couples get nervous in front of a camera and start wondering how would they come out. Well, having a professional engagement session before the wedding gives an idea of what to expect on the big day and will help you feel more relaxed on the day. Your photographer will give you great tips on posing, will understand your good sides and help you feel comfortable while taking pictures of you.

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  • You’ll have gorgeous photos to use prewedding. 

Once you have your engagement images, there are endless things you can do with them.

  • They can be given as gifts to family
  • They can be part of your wedding invitation card
  • Great way to announce you are getting married at social media
  • The shots can also be used in your wedding program, slide show at your reception  Edmonton Engagement photographer cocktail photography edmonton

  • Combine it with your hair and make-up trial

What better way to put to test your wedding look than having actual professional photos taken on the same day? This will give you the chance to see if you are happy with the look you have decided to go for or if there are any changes you wish to make.

Whatever you choose to do, get creative and have some fun. In the end, you’re the ones who will benefit.

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